I'm gonna be in Iceland from the 4.10 until the whatever of october but i think i'm gonna set up a queue

i have so many books to read but i always end up with rereading my favorite ones or fan fic...
currently i'm really obsessed with Virginia Woolf i'm writing some stuff but it's kinda dumb and unnecessary :D

currently ob
gilmore girls (rw)
parks and rec
real humans
Bates Motel

I'm Chiara and I'm just addicted to all the stuff i love yup i mean all my fandoms just cant stop talking im a with food, sweets and with fictional charaters obsessed girl

I'm pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses I feel like I'm dying, just want you to notice..

i spend too much time on the internet, with movies and series but im fine with it
i'm in way too many fandoms
I ship almost everything if i see "it"

Season 4, Gag Reel
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Open in new tab for 612x918 [x]

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In the Flesh alphabet - Discrimination

"A rotter’s a rotter, drugs or no drugs."

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Sherlock Fandom Survey Results: Part 3 - Shipping

(Open in new tab for high resolution. Graphics by the brilliant whatsonhannibal)

We have taken a look at the participants and fandom; now to the real fun stuff! When it comes to shipping, Sherlock fandom is incredibly diverse. 

The first question allowed for multiple answers, so everyone was able to tick the box of every one of their ships. 

Unsurprisingly, Johnlock “wins” with 76% (1526). Mycroft/Lestrade comes in second with 33% (662), closely followed by Lestrade/Molly (30% - 614) and John Mary (26% - 515). Sherlock/Molly (21% - 420) and Sherlock/Irene (17% - 345) as well as Sherlock/Moriarty (17% - 339) are equally popular. The only femslash pairing I cited (sorry for that),  Irene/Molly, receives 6% (111) just like Sherlock/Lestrade (122). 80 Mycroft/John shippers took the survey (4%) and 57 Moriarty/John fans (3%).

Out of the threesomes, John/Mary/Sherlock is most popular with 10% (206) votes while Lestrade/John/Sherlock comes in at 5% (105) and John/Sherlock/Moriarty at 4% (75). 

10% (241) also cited “other” pairings; mostly including - but not limited to - Mormor (yes, we know Moran has not yet appeared on the show, but still fandom somehow cast Micheal Fassbender for the role). There is also Moriarty/Molly, Sally/Molly, this fandom’s equivalent of Wincest, as in Mycroft/Sherlock (is it called Holmescest, then?) with varous three- and foursome mutations, Sherlock/Victor Trevor and many, many more. Sherlock fandom has a ship for everyone!

Or does it? Well, there are 8% (169) respondents who don’t ship. Funnily, when it comes to choosing an OTP, this number has increased to 10% (192). My theory is that the surplus either simply doesn’t have one true pairing, or they couldn’t decide. 

Now, to the OTP. I’m glad I didn’t bet anything on this, since I was sure Johnlock would score higher than 66% (1326). The second most prominent answer was “I don’t ship/I’m indifferent” with the previously cited 10%, yet a lot of smaller ships do have a lot of devotees: Sherlock/Molly (7% - 134), John/Mary (4% - 72), Sherlock/Moriarty (3% - 68), Sherlock/Irene (3% - 67), Lestrade/Mycroft (2% - 41), Molly/Lestrade (2% - 31),  John/Mary/Sherlock (1% - 16), Sherlock/Lestrade (1% - 11) and the following, who do not warrant a percent of their own, statistically speaking, but still count: Lestrade/John/Sherlock (5), Mycroft/John (4), Irene/Molly (2), John/Sherlock/Moriarty (3). 2% (46) clicked other - again, Mormor being most prominent as well as Holmescest (if this isn’t the right word, apologies). 

I also included the result graphic for the questions related to The Johnlock Conspiracy. However, I had one essay question, namely “What made you convert if you didn’t start as a believer?”, which received several very extensive and interesting answers. I will be dealing with this topic in an extra post. 

Until then: 79% (1600= of the 2,018 participants have heard about TJLC. 45% (901) did so via Tumblr, an additional 22% (434) saw a tag that introduced them to this idea. 2% (48) even came across TJLC on Twitter and another 2% (49) through an online article (probably the one on HubPages, I think). 5% (109) had friends and other fans who kept them informed, 3% (67) cited “other” ways. 20% of respondents (410) have not heard about TJLC prior to this survey.

What is curious, however, is that only 17% (343) then ticked “I haven’t heard of it” in the following question as to where the participant stands on TJLC. What happened there? 

16% (322) said “I don’t believe” and a total of 47% (950) believe in TJLC, if you count all variations of “I believe now” together. 20% (403) of respondents are still undecided

What made non-believers convert will be the topic of another post. Up next: Part 4 - Favourites (link will follow)

Part 1 - The participants | Part 2 - Fandom

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"…Sherlock Holmes is a great man. And I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky, he might even be a good one."

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It’s not their pain you’re afraid of. It’s yours, Charles. And as frightening as it can be, that pain w i l l  m a k e  y o u  s t r o n g e r.

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117. War Doctor - DW 50th anniversary collector’s edition

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So, how you’ve been?
Yea, good. Yea. Much better.

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Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow 002

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Misha Collins at Dallas Con 14 [x]

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